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Jolanda McLaughlin is a professional Cosmetologist and Make-up Artist with 19 years of experience and now specializes in Natural Hair Care and Styling. She harnesses an imaginative and artistic approach to customer service and catering to address her clients needs. Her areas of expertise are broad, which include bridal, print, beauty, runway, make-up, and artistic hair designs.


At a very young age, Jolanda developed a thriving passion for beauty and her fascination continued throughout her adolescent years. When she realized she exhibited a natural talent and needed to further sharpen her skills, she relocated to NYC to accomplish her lifelong dream of becoming a renowned Celebrity Hairstylist and Make-up Artist. Currently Jolanda works as a Certified Cosmetologist at NJ Hair Studio & Spa, which she received by way of Capri Institute in Kenilworth, NJ.


In 2011, Jolanda founded BEAUTY of DAJAHVU-natural based products created to address skin and hair care concerns of various nationalities (especially children). As a Professional Hairstylist, Make-up Artist and Beauty Consultant, Jolanda's desire is to network and nurture her talents with other like-minded professionals. In addition, she services a diverse clientele and is continuing to make strides to pursue her passion of working for various mainstream celebrities, print advertisements, and runway shows.


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